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So far I'm through Chapter 10 of the novel, reading and marking it up with notes and corrections. I'm doing all of this first so that I don't spend time perfecting a scene only to realize later on that it needs to be changed again. As I get deeper into the story I'm finding that I have to flip back to earlier chapters and jot more notes like "make sure to mention that this character learns the language so they can speak it in chapter 8!" I even had to swap the order of two chapters to make things work. (A fairly major revelation occurs in chapter 10 but is referred to in chapter 9...)

I discovered yesterday that a character that I totally forgot about could be combined with one that I inserted sort of randomly, which will be interesting to fix throughout the rest of the book, but I think will make it work better. I'm also finding that a lot of plot is concentrated in a few chapters, while others, though not boring, are not such tipping points. I'll have to wait until I've actually made the corrections, but some of the plot-heavy chapters may have to be expanded...

I think once these edits are made the novel will be in much better shape. It will still need another round like this, but it's coming along. It's pretty fun, once I get up the energy to start. I actually don't know how many chapters there are in the book because I lost count during NaNo and stopped numbering, but I did roughly one per day so that means I'm about a third of the way through right now.
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